Street Works UK Awards 2023

Street Works Awards October fi

On 19/10/23 Solent Streetworks was delighted to attend the Street Works UK Awards 2023, held in the Members Dining Hall, Westminster Palace. It was an incredible setting for a very prestigious event and I was able to meet a few of the worthy winners of some of the awards in the sector. #streetworks #nrswa #safetyatstreetworks #hsg47

The prestigious Street Works Awards 2023, is a celebrated event that honours excellence and dedication in the street works industry. This year’s event, held on Thursday, 19th October, was hosted in the iconic setting of the Houses of Parliament, bringing together industry leaders, professionals, and stakeholders.

The Street Works Awards is an annual gala that shines a spotlight on the very best and brightest individuals, organisations, and innovations in the street works sector. It’s a remarkable occasion where the hard work and commitment of Street Works members are celebrated and acknowledged. The event serves as a testament to the continuous efforts and achievements in maintaining and enhancing the UK’s vital infrastructure.

The gathering of industry leaders and professionals at the historic Houses of Parliament provided a unique platform to showcase members’ contributions to the sector who share the same commitment to excellence.

The event not only featured awards and recognitions but also fostered meaningful discussions and collaborations among industry leaders. I had the opportunity to engage with fellow professionals, share insights into the latest industry trends, and explore potential partnerships and synergies.

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