Does your business struggle with compliance in Street Works?

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Happy New Year from us all at Solent Streetworks!

Hopefully you had a restful and relaxing festive period, with your family and friends.

Does your business struggle with compliance in Street Works? Are you in control of all your charges? Are your FPN’s, defects and Section 74’s spiralling out of control? Do you struggle with compliance? Did you know that just because a street shows as traffic sensitive on the Gazetteer, it doesn’t necessarily mean the footway is and therefore you could be putting your gang under unnecessary time constraints!

Solent Streetworks have some very simple, but robust measures to limit and eradicate these issues.

Why outsource your Street Works function? Well, it is very much in our interests to deliver on behalf of our clients. We have a fantastic track record of building and maintaining relationships with Local Authorities, Traffic Management suppliers and other third parties across the UK. Our clients put their trust in us to deliver.

We can supply a ‘turnkey’ Street Works solution to your business, whereby we take a build plan and submit permits for all of your planned works. We can provide a comprehensive report on the status’ of all applications, on a daily basis.

Do you require detailed traffic management plans? We can also assist here! We can supply CAD drawings based on OS tiles for your business.

We can also supply comprehensive Utility STATS (aka safe digs, buried services) to your digging teams, to ensure that you are compliant with

Reach out and drop me a line today and we can discuss how
Solent Streetworks can be your ‘one stop shop’ for all your back office Street Works requirements.

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